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Current Sermon Series "The Truth About Love"

How do you know that you're a Christian? I know that we can all answer that question by saying that Jesus died for us and we have personally accepted him as Savior, but that's only half the equation. The Bible says that Jesus is both Savior AND Lord, and that only by confessing to both and living as such can we be saved. So, what does your life and your relationship with Christ look like? What difference has Jesus made in your life? Following him as Lord means we have to obey even the most difficult of teachings. This week at Friendship, we'll look at his command to "love our enemies" and how doing this sets us apart from those who don't follow Jesus and have not been transformed by him. We'll also take time to celebrate the Lord's Supper, which gives us the opportunity to reflect on the love he poured out on us while WE were still his enemies. Everyone who confesses that Jesus is Savior and Lord is welcome at the table!

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