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Sermon Summary

When we were all children, the responsible adults in our lives likely taught us to "never talk to strangers", or at the very least to be careful around them. In the movie Forrest Gump, little Forrest won't get on the bus initially because the driver is a stranger, but then they introduce themselves and Forrest says, "Well, now we ain't strangers anymore". In order for two people who were once strangers to be no longer such, interaction is a MUST. We all know this, and yet we expect the opposite when it comes to the Son of God. We may treat him like a stranger - never seeking him, not valuing his will, and rarely even talking to him - and then still expect him to be there for us in our darkest hour. This completely ignores the relationship God desires with us and treats him like a genie only here to grant our wishes. This week at Friendship, we'll look at the Book of Daniel to see that the Son of God is "The Stranger in the Fire". Yet, we'll examine the story of some young men who never thought of him as a stranger, boys who sought his will and guidance every step of the way and then expected him to be there in their time of need like any other friend. If you've been feeling like Jesus is a stranger to you, or if you've been lacking peace and courage as you face the dangers of the world, this is a message you need to hear from the Spirit! 

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