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Sermon Summary

 Just a short 244 years ago, our founding fathers declared our independence from the tyranny of Great Britain. The closest most of us can get to anything like that is when we declare independence from our parents, which legally happens at age 18 even though most teenagers think they can do it at about 13. As adults, we declare independence from banks anytime we pay off a loan, and that's a tremendous feeling. The reason human beings have to earn and declare independence from whatever binds us is that at some point, whether by chance or by choice, we are dependent. That is not the case with God. Our God created us and everything around us and it is illogical to think that a Creator would need approval or advice from that which He created. This week at Friendship, we'll continue the FORTIFY series by discussing what it means that God is independent and how it impacts our lives and choices. God cannot be controlled or willed by us, and that's great news! If you've been struggling with being obedient and walking in the freedom that God provides, this is a message for you. 

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