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Sermon Summary

            As we've entered into the period between Memorial Day and Independence Day, between remembering those who sacrificed for us and the freedom they provided, it's a time when many will be thinking about our blessings in this country. One of the symbols of our great nation is the bald eagle. I remember learning once about the unique ability of the eagle to focus on its prey. The eagle already has vision that is 6 times better than that of humans, but it can be flying up to 100 mph over 200 feet above water and still spot the fish that it wants for a snack swimming beneath the surface. That's why they usually time it perfectly, swooping down to grab the fish just as it gets to where the eagle thought it would be and then returning skyward again. The biggest reason the eagle has this laser-like focus as its secret weapon is because it rarely, if ever, gets distracted by what else is around it. The eagle doesn't look back or side-to-side, but remains singularly focused on the goal, which is to win the prized prey. The eagle is always looking ahead and working as such. This week at Friendship, we close out our post-resurrection series by considering the goals of the Christian walk and how we might remain focused with our "eyes on the prize". We must endure hardships and challenges to the end because we know our full reward is with Christ in heaven. This message will challenge you to do away with any earthly gains that our temporary and to live for the eternal prize that is promised us if we remain faithful. 

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