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Current Sermon Series "Burn The Ships"

Sermon Summary 

When faced with urgent, scary, life-or-death situations, there is often only one chance at survival, one way out of the hopelessness. When people are lost at sea, stranded deep in a canyon, or otherwise disoriented in the wilderness, the only way out might be to send a flare of some sort. The purpose of the flare is to get someone's attention so they can do something about the dire situation and hopefully, save a life. This week at Friendship, we'll continue in our "Burn the Ships" series based on the lyrics of the song of the same name, and we'll talk about the need to "Send a Flare". The Church, and our country, are in an absolutely desperate state that for millions, is life-or-death. Our nation alone has aborted close to 20% of our current population since 1973, as millions of human beings created in the image and likeness of God have been snuffed out before they ever had a chance. What is the Church's responsibility in this? How might we stand up for the unborn while also promoting truth, love, and healing for those who are deceived into thinking abortion is the only way out? Find out the answers to these questions this weekend as we recognize Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and welcome a guest speaker from Human Life Services as well!
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