Due to Governor Wolfe's most recent order that all non-life sustaining businesses must close by 8:00 tonight and that this is a mandate that will be enforced, the leadership of Friendship Community Church has now decided that we will NOT be holding services this weekend or at any point until the order is lifted. We must respect and submit to the governing authorities, for God has established them (Romans 13:1-7).

Please check out the app or our website www.friendshipCommunity.org to see Pastor Logan's message. We invite you to join us online for the livestreaming of the message at 10:00 on Sunday morning.
If you wish to continue to give tithes and offerings, please use the app or website to donate online, or mail checks to Friendship Community Church at 3380 Fox Run Road, Dover, PA 17315
We remain available to serve the people of our church body and the community around us. Please reach out to us if you need prayer, counsel, or any other form of assistance.
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This Week's Sermon Summary

When you think about the current pandemic, what do you fear most? Do you worry about being infected with the virus yourself? Death? Infecting others? Not being able to pay bills or buy groceries due to loss of income? Watching your savings or retirement plan go down the drain? Your children missing school and extracurricular activities? While these are all concerning things, I believe there is one thing that ought to concern us more than any other - losing sight of God's goodness and grace! Throughout history, God has allowed awful things, far more terrible than a pandemic, to happen to His chosen people. Each time He allowed something horrible to happen, it was for a purpose, generally to urge them to turn away from idols and back to Him. Could God be urging us to the same right now? In the past, these seasons of suffering often didn't change until someone was willing to risk personal loss, pain, and death to overcome oppression and lead the people back to righteousness. This week at Friendship, we'll look at the story of an Old Testament heroine who realized that failure to follow God's will and allow Him to use her as "a humble vessel" was actually worse than death. She risked her life for the people of God, and God responded to her obedience by saving them all as only He could do. As most of you know, our church gatherings are currently canceled due to the health crisis, so we are conducting the worship service online only. We encourage you to gather with friends or family, have your physical Bibles ready to read along, and worship and learn with us! You can view the service live on Sunday at 10 a.m., or anytime after it's posted, at www.friendshipcommunity.org! Just scroll down and click on "view services". If you are having trouble getting through on the website, you may find us by going to YouTube.com and searching for our church's channel, or by going to a backup website at www.friendshipcommunity1.org. Join us and be blessed!

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