The Role of Singles and Young Adults

Jul 2, 2023    Associate Pastor Ben Sorbello

So, what role do single persons have in God's plan for the family and the values it must display? What does God have to say about it in His word? Are you currently living a single's life? Maybe you are a widow or widower, or maybe you never wanted to or been married. Maybe you have experienced or are currently experiencing divorce. Maybe you had to move back in with your parents. What is our responsibility and purpose in our family and God's family? It is very easy to focus on the needs of self, which is defined as being selfish. But for singles that follow Jesus Christ, they can become selfless. God made all of us in His image, so whether we are married or single, we have very important roles in our own family and in God's Family. This weekend at Friendship, we will be exploring the next area the Holy Spirit of God wants us to study in our Family Values series, and that is the "Role of Singles and Young Adults". If you are single, then you MUST be here, and if you know single people, make sure you disciple them and get them here!