The Role of the Wife

Jul 23, 2023    JessicaHarbold

Proverbs 18:22 tells us, "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord". So why do men, even Christian men, use ridiculous phrases like "the old ball & chain"? And why do women, even Christian women, put their husbands down and joke about "training" them to do as they are told? The short answer is "sin", but I think we can all see that there are some wicked ideas we have regarding the opposite sex that have been deeply engrained in our hearts and minds over many generations. In ancient times, women were treated more like property than human beings. They were devalued, abused, and discarded, and the Bible was even used to justify this behavior in many cases. Men, is this still how you see them today? Reflect and ask God to show you any errors. Women, is this how you see yourselves? Reflect and ask God to show you that your true identity is in Him. This week at Friendship, we continue our Family Values series with a look at the Role of the Wife/Woman in God's picture of the family. Join us to learn about God's plan for them in the home, outside the home, in society, in the Church, and as children of God!