Training Regimen

Oct 29, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" ~ Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

I had absolutely no idea until seeing this picture that our Savior had such well-defined abs! In reality, since He ate healthy, non-processed foods, worked in physical labor, and walked almost everywhere He went, it's very likely that He was in great physical shape. Yet, that was never His goal. He didn't need a diet plan or exercise program to maintain His figure because He knew His figure only existed for a short time. Instead, Jesus focused on His spiritual health, constantly praying, fasting, and seeking fellowship with the Father. He taught His followers to take care of what God had given them, but also not to make the fleeting ideals of this world their idol. Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit, so we must be careful in how we treat them. Nevertheless, we must also prepare ourselves for an eternity without these bodies. This week at Friendship, we will talk about the "Training Regimen" that prepares us for both the spiritual war in this life, as well as the next one. We'll specifically discuss discipline, prayer, fasting, and other parts of this training that are designed to produce godliness within us. Your cross-fit program begins this weekend and we hope to see you there!