Dec 31, 2023    Associate Pastor Ben Sorbello

So the presents are unwrapped but do you feel His presence? Take a minute to reflect on this next question before you answer it...ready...Do you feel Victorious? In what or who? Are you in a battle or trial right now, with your health, a relationship, life in general? Does your life have PURPOSE? When you look in the mirror are you content and feel blessed or cursed? 

Are you proud to be a Christian today? Are you fired up to go to battle for your Commander? Do you believe that we are winning the War? Do you feel prepared to continue the War? This week we will be finishing the teachings of the Holy Spirit on Waging War - The Victory. If you have been part of the training program at Friendship since August we have been learning about the Spiritual War that we are in and how we need to defend ourselves and loved ones from the evil that exists. This week we will find encouragement from our Commander so you do not want to miss this! Commit yourself and your family to following and listening to the Holy Spirit of God and we look forward to fellowshipping and praying with you this week.