I'm the Law

Apr 23, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

Can you think of a time in your life when you knew you were breaking a rule, yet you were absolutely certain that you were justified in doing so, and that whoever was in charge would agree with you? How'd that work for you? Did the teacher buy your "the dog ate my homework" excuse? Did your parents let you off the hook with chores because you said you were feeling nauseous? Did they let you slide on your curfew violation because you got lost coming home? Did the police officer consider that 15 mph over the speed limit was just "going with the flow of traffic" in your eyes? Unless you were under the authority of those who are either extremely gullible or gracious, you probably answer these questions with a lot of NOs. When we decide that our interpretation and application of the laws is what we will live by, it only works if the lawgiver sees it the exact same way. Otherwise, we're in trouble. This week at Friendship, we'll take a look at Jesus' relationship to the Law and the Prophets, which He came to fulfill and not destroy. The title is "I'm the Law" in our JESUS SAYS series. If we view the Law through Jesus, what does that mean regarding obedience and righteousness? Join us this week and find out!