It's An Audience of One

May 14, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

Have you ever gone from getting cheered to getting jeered in one day? Those who follow the ways of the world are drunk on the ideas of fame and popularity, which the devil uses to trick them into thinking they will be fulfilled. Yet, most people who are famous and popular would tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. They long for the opportunity to escape into privacy where they can be themselves and not worry about their image before others. But think about how quickly those who are celebrated get booed in our society. Lebron James has off-nights. Tom Brady got laughed at for some of his boneheaded plays in Super Bowls. Right now, country star Morgan Wallen is having to cancel planned shows due to a vocal chord issue, and his "fans" are losing their minds. And what about politics? Has any U.S. president ever left office with a higher approval rating than when he entered it? Even when people love you, it doesn't take much to swing them to the other side. That's why Jesus teaches us to only seek the applause of the Father, who is unchanging. This week at Friendship, we will look at Jesus' teachings regarding giving, prayer and fasting, and how they demonstrate that "It's an Audience of One". As we grow closer to God through spiritual disciplines, it matters more what He desires than what human beings around us think. Join us as we are re-centered in Christ regarding these good disciplines that we have often twisted.