Correction (Part 2)

May 7, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

Several years ago, during the heightened stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a very popular megachurch preacher who put a video out telling all of us that if we refuse to shut down our church worship services, we are not loving people the way Jesus wants. In other words, in his opinion, holding worship services for the family of God during that time was sinful. This is a pastor of a church of almost 40,000 weekly, a pastor who has written many books and taught at many seminars. Because of his name and popularity, his sphere of influence is very large. When a matter of opinion that is outside of the truth, is then taught as truth by popular and well-respected leaders, many people are deceived until their thinking is corrected. This was the case during the time of Jesus as He taught in the Sermon on the Mount. The Pharisees and scribes of His day took actual laws from the Old Testament, added their own spin or opinion, and then taught it as if it were directly from God. Because they were educated and respected, many Jews were led astray. This week at Friendship, we'll continue the JESUS SAYS series by looking at the "Correction" He brings to the misunderstandings regarding divorce, oaths, eye for an eye retribution, and love for our enemies. Each of these topics were covered in the Law, but each was twisted by the Pharisees and taught to the masses. Since these topics still impact us today, we hope you'll join us to hear what Jesus says and how it impacts our journey!