A Thankful Heart

Nov 20, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

On July 17, 180 AD, a group of twelve faithful disciples - seven men and five women - were brought before the Roman proconsul in Carthage, a city in northern Africa in the area of the modern country Tunisia. They were given an opportunity to denounce their faith and "return to sound mind", but when they refused to do so, they were sentenced to death. In response to the decree announcing their coming execution, their leader Speratus simply said, "We give thanks to God". Then another disciple, Nartzalus, said, "Today we are martyrs in heaven; thanks be to God". Eventually they all joined in unison saying, "Thanks be to God". What is it that makes the people of God so grateful to Him in the midst of intense suffering? How can we duplicate this attitude through whatever suffering we must endure in our lives? This week at Friendship, we will kick off a new sermon series by talking about the importance of having "A Thankful Heart" no matter what circumstances we face. The world will try to cheat and deceive us by their pagan philosophy, but we must stay grounded in Christ and thankful for salvation through Him. Join us for this critical reminder.