A Peaceful Heart

Dec 4, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

You may have heard of the following saying: "Know Jesus, know peace; but no Jesus, no peace". Well, it's more than just a clever saying. It represents a monumental truth that we find throughout Scripture, that the only way to have peace in our lives is to get to know Jesus and remain in Him. This was even true before Christ came and lived among us. Think about it. When Adam and Eve sinned, it was bad. They ruined it for all of their future descendants. But what was even more detrimental was their response to their sin, which was an attempt to cover it up themselves rather than trust in the Lord to provide the covering (a foreshadowing of what He did for the whole world in Jesus). When they relied on their own abilities rather than the Lord, they experienced fear for the very first time, then began to blame one another and even God Himself for how He designed things. The same can be said for us today. When we try to rely on our own righteousness instead of what Jesus did for us, we have no peace, but only fear, anxiety, anger, and blame. This week at Friendship, we'll continue in our Advent season and talk about how we demonstrate the "Peaceful Heart" that we receive because of Christ's arrival in our lives. Join us and begin to live out what He has for you - a life centered in His peace over fear and anxiety!