A Loving Heart

Dec 11, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

Who do you represent? Just about everyone reading this can think of someone or something they represent beyond themselves. If you work for a company who serves customers, you may have heard this: "To the customer, YOU are the company". In other words, your attitude, language, and behaviors all reflect either positively or negatively on your employer. The same can be said for how those things impact your family name, your school, our church, and especially, your Lord! It's something we ought to take seriously in every area of life. Recently, an NFL quarterback returned after an 11-game suspension simply because his conduct, while not drawing any criminal charges, has a massive negative impact on the league. As Christians, we are members of God's family and represent His Son, so the impact of our choices is even greater than that of the quarterback's choices. In fact, Jesus says the only way anyone can recognize His true followers is by the ways we love one another. This week at Friendship, we'll talk about how to demonstrate "A Loving Heart" toward others in the way that God has first loved us.