Hey Shepherds, Are You Ready?

Dec 19, 2021    Pastor Logan Ames

Do you get excited about Jesus? Most believers would say "yes" without even thinking about it, but do those around you in your life know it? Far too many believers today show more passion and excitement for their political idols or favorite football teams than they do for the things of God. They yell and cheer and become emotionally invested in things that won't last past today, but are indifferent to the plans and purpose of the Lord. The Christmas season is a time when even pagans are looking for "the Christmas spirit", so it's a great opportunity for followers of Jesus to proclaim His goodness, His grace, and His power. It's a great chance to explain how God loved the world so much that He planned in advance to leave heaven and enter our realm as a baby named "Jesus" because He would save us from our sins. This week at Friendship, we will learn from people who did just that. The shepherds in Bethlehem were ready for the Messiah because God had been preparing their hearts through their work when they didn't even know it. Once they realized what God did, they couldn't help but praise Him and proclaim the good news to everyone they met. Join us this weekend to be inspired by these lowly individuals who found themselves in the middle of the greatest story ever told!