Hey E & Z?, Are You Ready

Nov 28, 2021

Remember when we were children and played hide-and-go-seek? You'd count to 10 or 30 or some other number and then loudly announce to those hiding: "Ready or not, here I come!" The announcement was an indication and a warning to all who may not be ready that you are coming to find them one way or another. In this simple children's game is a picture of what it will be like when Jesus returns. He is currently in the "counting phase", giving us every opportunity to get ourselves prepared for His coming. During this time, He is patient, standing at the door of our hearts and knocking, only entering where people willingly invite Him in. But there will come a time when our acceptance of Him will no longer be on the table, and He will be returning whether we are ready or not. In the same way, He came to the earth the first time, whether people were ready for Him or not. This week at Friendship, we begin our Christmas Advent series that will allow us to look at the lives of those who received the news of Christ's first coming, as well as their preparedness and their response to this good news. Some were ready; many were not. As we dig into their stories, beginning with Elizabeth and Zechariah this week, let us think about our own readiness for Christ's return, which will happen according to the time the Father has appointed. Are you ready?