Have We Been Born Again With Jesus

Jan 2, 2022    Associate Pastor Ben Sorbello

Well, it is December 30th. Christmas is in the rearview mirror and we are heading towards New Year's Eve, ready to bring in 2022! Are you EXCITED about the New Year? Are you someone who is looking forward or looking in the PAST? How we, as followers of Jesus Christ, look at each moment determines much about our faith walk. Are we walking on water with trust in Jesus or are we distracted by the world? Are we BORN AGAIN WITH JESUS? What a GREAT time to reflect on 2021. When we do that, do we find an abundance of blessings? Or do we only focus on the TRIALS and fail to see the blessings in those trials? Are we still searching for PURPOSE? DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU ARE HERE? Have you been born of water and the Spirit? Join us this Sunday to learn about what Jesus did for Nicodemus in sharing with him the Truth, and consider your own encounter with Jesus!