Nov 21, 2021    Pastor Logan Ames

It all started with Jesus and a few rejects of Judaism who couldn't quite cut it as disciples in the self-righteous, overtly religious world in which they were raised. They had gone back to their fathers' trades, until a new and different Rabbi came along and promised to change their lives for all of eternity. They had many failures and life lessons along the way, had to die to themselves, follow their Lord, and let Him renew their minds and eventually fill them up with the Holy Spirit. It started with them, but has grown into a worldwide movement of billions covering the past, present, and future. That growth happened because people were willing, against all odds and their own personal safety and security, to share the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it was with their lips, other times just their courageous living. They willingly risked the lives they were bound to lose anyway in order to MULTIPLY what they had in the lives of as many bearers of God's image as He would allow them to encounter. They did it all by the power and authority of the One who had saved them and sent them. This week at Friendship, we close out our "Run the Race" series with a look at how we too can and must be multipliers of discipleship. It's what we were born again to do!