Taking The First Step

Sep 19, 2021    Associate Pastor Ben Sorbello

OK, quick question: how many of you that were given working legs by our Father remember taking your FIRST STEP? The answer is no one! You were way too young to remember, but you may have witnessed many first steps in your life, and God willing, you'll witness many more! FIRST STEPS can be frightening at times, but they are also blessings because they bring in change, something different, and it's usually something better. Do you remember the first step you took to go to grade school, high school, or college? The first step going on a first date? The first step down the aisle if you were married? The first step in seeing your first child being born? We experience so many firsts that we do not even acknowledge them any more. What if I were to tell you that there is a first step that, when we take it, we can never and will never want to go back? It is such a GREAT STEP that you want to tell everyone about taking it and you cannot stop talking about it! Do you want to hear about it? This step will change lives FOREVER! This week at Friendship, we'll continue in our "Run the Race" series by talking about "Taking the First Step" of following Jesus as His disciples.