Follow The Leader

Sep 5, 2021

I want you to think of something right now in your life that you set out to accomplish knowing that you had to give it your all. Maybe it was an achievement in sports, education, music, or your career. Maybe it was running a marathon. If it was something you had never done before, weren't sure you could do, and you didn't even know exactly how to go about accomplishing it, then you probably took the only other step you could take - speak to someone who had done it! That's just the first step. If you're blessed, you might even convince them to mentor you through the process, holding you accountable and correcting you when you develop habits that won't help you achieve your goals. And if your mentor is grounded in truth and cares about your success, they will urge you to immediately get rid of anything that stands in your way. This week at Friendship, we begin a brand new discipleship series called "Run the Race", and we look at what it means to "Follow the Leader". Our leader in this race is Jesus, and we must throw off anything that keeps us from following Him. Join us this weekend to begin this journey and to start getting better every day!