The Right Equipment

Oct 31, 2021    Pastor Logan Ames

When you are planning a remodeling project, organizing an event, or completing any kind of lengthy task that isn't a walk in the park, what is one of the first things you must do? You have to determine what items you need, and then figure out how to acquire said items. Having the wrong equipment, or not even knowing if you have the wrong equipment, can be beyond frustrating. It holds up the plans for everything else and forces you back to square one. If you've ever needed a Phillips head screwdriver when all you had was a flathead, you know this. If you played sports and could never find a helmet, cleats, or pads that worked for you, you know the struggle. If you went camping and forgot tent stakes or a grill plate for cooking over the fire, you felt the pain of being ill-equipped. The same concept is absolutely true in our Christian discipleship, as we run the race marked out for us. This week at Friendship, we'll discuss what it means to first get rid of the wrong equipment and then suit up with the right stuff, namely the armor of God. Join us for a much needed reminder that we must stand on everything God has given us to battle our enemy the devil.