Oct 24, 2021    Pastor Logan Ames

How do you feel about long road trips by yourself? If you've got nothing but time, are wide awake, and enjoy the scenery, it can be a good thing. But if you have bad weather, you're exhausted, or you just don't enjoy driving, road trips can be overwhelming. You begin your long, arduous journey and you feel like there is no way you'll ever get there. Having been through many long road trips to western PA, Ohio, and back, I have learned the things that generally get me through it. They include, snacks and soda if I'm tired and need caffeine, Christian music, and watching the beautiful scenery. However, without the doubt the best tactic I use to help me shorten the journey in my own head is paying attention to milestones. Knowing how far and how long it generally takes to get to each significant city, state border, or highway on my journey helps me view my task as "completing one leg of the journey at a time". The same is true in our spiritual discipleship journey. It may seem overwhelming and even impossible at times, but we have to break it into "Milestones" which are more easily attained. This week at Friendship, we'll talk about both looking back at milestones to remember what God has done and also looking ahead to milestones that should be our goals as we follow Jesus. Join us for this important message of motivation!