Fishers of Men

Oct 30, 2022    Pete Wehler

Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose several professional fishermen to be His first group of disciples? Was He hungry? Did He know that Simon and Andrew had lied about the size of the last fish they had caught? Or was it because He knew that in order to be successful at their goal, they had to be willing to put in the necessary work? Jesus came to them while they were busy about their father's business and invited them to follow Him in being busy about HIS Father's business. This required them to leave what was comfortable, step into the unknown, and prepare themselves to persevere in adversity. Jesus saw the parallels between fishing and disciple-making, so He invited them into the life-changing pursuit of reeling in souls. This week at Friendship, we'll look at what it means to become "Fishers of Men", as Jesus called it. Where can we find those who are biting the bait of the world, but need to become hooked on Jesus, and how can we fulfill the purpose He has given us? Join us for this important message regarding the work to which ALL of us are called.