The Best Investment

Nov 6, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

The picture shows us words with which we are all familiar: "In God We Trust". As believers, we certainly stand by this creed, and many were angered by an atheist's attempt to get the words taken off our money several years ago. But isn't it ironic that the words appear on the back of the very thing with which we are the LEAST trusting in God? We love the motto, but having to actually live it out is a whole different ball game. In our hearts and minds, if we are true followers of Jesus, we know that God is the only one whose record is perfect when we trust in Him, since He has never and will never let us down. Yet, we keep chasing after other solutions, hoping they prove to be trustworthy when we know that is highly unlikely. Have you given to a political candidate or agenda more recently than the Lord and His plans? Have you bought yourself some new toy or luxurious vehicle while the Lord's people around the world are suffering? Do you invest more of your time in sports teams, worldly entertainment, and hobbies than in your walk with the Lord? This week at Friendship, we'll talk about "The Best Investment" you can ever make, the one where you offer up your time, money, and every part of you to the Lord for HIS use. The returns on this investment will blow your socks off in a way nothing else can.