Go And Do Likewise

Nov 13, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

Back in 2005, my brothers and I had the experience of a lifetime when all 3 of us went skydiving, accelerated free fall style, meaning we would not be attached to anyone all the way to the ground. I had never had the desire before that and frankly, it terrified me, but there was no way I was going to wimp out while both my brothers did it. In order to do a terrifying thing that we'd never done before, we underwent 6 hours of training and multiple practices on the ground with experts and professionals. These all prepared us, but there was one other over-arching thing that gave us the confidence to move forward with the jump - the knowledge that the experts were going WITH us! They were in the plane with us, they talked to us as the plane door opened at 15,000 feet, and they jumped with us, not letting go until our parachutes were pulled. Even once we were tasked with guiding ourselves to the safe ground, they were talking through radios in our helmets. In the same way, we may be scared to live as God commands or we may find it impossible, but it is made possible and less daunting by our knowledge that the Master is with us. This week at Friendship, we'll wrap up the FOLLOW series with Jesus' command to "Go and Do Likewise". It's hard to imagine living as He lived, but He has trained us, He has shown us the way, and now He empowers us walk this journey with Him. Join us to hear more about how you can do this!