Poetry in Motion

Oct 9, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

Did you know that we serve the most creative Creator in the history of all creation? Most of you would answer in the affirmative, but maybe the only time you've thought about it is in regard to nature and beautiful scenery. Did you know that His creativity is most clearly shown in YOU? There are over seven billion people in the world and none of them are exactly 100% the same, as even identical twins have minor differences. The Bible refers to God as "the potter", and us as His "clay". As Psalm 139 tells us, He puts great thought into knitting each of us together and sees our days and purposes before we are even formed. Another way Scripture communicates this truth is by referring to us as His "handiwork", which carries the idea that our deeds are His poem to the world. This week at Friendship, we'll consider how we can be "Poetry in Motion", living out His specific purpose for each of us in the ways we put into practice His commands. It's not enough to merely hear and know His words; we must do what they say. Join us as we welcome new members into Friendship Community Church and then talk about serving our great God!