Getting to Know Him

Oct 2, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

I want you to consider something that every Christian should consider: how well do you know your neighbors? I'm talking about the ones who actually live physically close to where you live. Pastor Ben and Nick Strohman and I were challenged with this as we attended our denomination's national general conference back in July. In today's society where people are less and less social, it's quite possible you may not even know your neighbors' names. If you do know their names, do you know anything else about them? Do they know anything about you? Are they aware of your faith or that you are praying for them? This came to mind again in preparation for this week as I thought about how well we know Jesus. How well do we want Him to know us? Would we prefer that He remember our names so we can get into heaven, but that's all? Do we fool ourselves into thinking He doesn't already know everything about our lives, so we can then pretend to hide things from Him? This week at Friendship, we begin a new series called "FOLLOW" which will have a 43-day discipleship journey along with it. The first message in the series is called "Getting to Know Him", because we cannot follow Him as disciples without receiving Him into every area of our lives. We must seek to know Him, and also submit to His knowledge of us. Join us this weekend and in the coming weeks for this important and relevant look at discipleship!