Higher Thoughts

Oct 16, 2022    Associate Pastor Ben Sorbello

"Do as I say and not as I do". Have you ever heard that come out of someone's mouth? Maybe you've said it yourself. Where does that thought come from and why did it leave the mouth to render advice to others? What is "advice", and should we listen to it? When I was leading some of the best sales organizations in the country, I would teach people the 80/20 rule, which says that 80% of the advice we get in our lifetime will be BAD ADVICE, and only 20% GOOD! In order to tell the difference, we must look at the source. Are the ones giving the advice considered knowledgeable about what they are saying? I had a guidance counselor in high school that told me I should be an accountant, but the only accounting I'm doing is maybe counting lost sheep or counting the sheep in the flock to make sure none get away. I will tell you about One who always gives 100% GREAT ADVICE this weekend and who has "Higher Thoughts" than we do. As you read this, you should have already learned lessons on re-aligning your thoughts and moving, becoming a doer in His Kingdom, so make sure to DO everything you can to be with us and FOLLOW the Holy Spirit of God to service this weekend!