Joy In The Decrease

Oct 23, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

Trying to get something to grow can be an arduous task, and one that takes a long time and many adjustments to your process. No matter how much you want it to grow or how much effort you put in, you still have to be patient and ultimately accept that you are NOT in control. Whether we are talking about grass, plants, trees, or the most difficult thing to grow of all time, DISCIPLES, we are called to do the hard work that God has given us and then trust Him with the results. Sometimes, we are called to water; sometimes, we are called to plant; sometimes we are called to tend what has already grown. But all the time, we depend on, and give credit to, our Lord for the growth we see. This means our efforts might not be recognized this side of heaven. Can we accept that? This week at Friendship, we will discuss how to have "Joy in the Decrease". What does it mean to celebrate when the attention and praise are transferred off of us and onto our Savior? We'll look into these things in Scripture and we urge you to join us for HIS glory!