In Deep Anguish

May 8, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

As you think about your heart and mind, what do you desire more than anything else? If the answer is anything other than the Lord, ask yourself if that thing will actually fill the void that's in your life completely. We all have things that we think we need in order to find joy in this life, and many of those things are even godly in nature. But there may be a reason why He hasn't blessed you with that which you desire yet. How desperate do you have to be to seek His plan for you? If He gives you what you want, will you offer to Him for His service? Consider these things while you wait, even if the waiting has brought you deep anguish. There is a purpose for it that you may not see now, but trusting in Him and seeking His will is the only way you'll ever see it. This week at Friendship, we honor all women for Mother's Day, then look at the story of a woman who found strength in surrendering to the Lord when she was weak, who experienced "Deep Anguish" but took it to the only One who could help her. We look forward to sharing this message and inviting you to pray and surrender as Hannah did by faith.