In The Hard Truth

Jun 26, 2022    Associate Pastor Ben Sorbello

The "Hard Truth", or the "truth of the matter", is something we have said or heard many times in our lives. So the question we are exploring this weekend is, how is God Revealed in the Hard Truth? What is TRUTH? Where do we get our understanding of truth as followers of Christ? Once we find truth and understand it, what do we do with it? Do we acknowledge it? Accept it? Do it? Teach it? Love it? How many opportunities have we had to do the right thing but still end up doing the wrong thing? How many times have we been taught that something is right when it is actually wrong, according to God's word? If you are struggling to hear the Truth from God or to do the right thing, join us to discover what God thinks of you and explore how you too can see God revealed in the hard truth and in what you do with it.