The Best Reward

May 1, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

How many times have you given up on a diet or workout routine because it seemed like a lot of work for zero to minimal results? Similarly, how many times have you paid the price, financially or morally, later because of decisions you made in the moment that we based on what your eyes desired? Maybe you bought a new car, house, or credit card because the sellers convinced you that you could afford it on a monthly basis, but you're drowning in debt because of interest. Maybe you made some immoral choices that felt right in the moment but led you down a path of addiction that has cost you almost everything you hold dear. Every human being faces the battle between flesh and spirit, between immediate and delayed gratification. For believers, we know that delayed gratification isn't just better, it's the BEST, especially if we delay it all the way until we meet our Maker. No matter how much fun, joy, and pleasure we can experience here on earth, it will pale in comparison to the joy of heaven. This week at Friendship, we'll look into the faith it takes to choose temporary pain and suffering in order to experience a lasting gain that comes with "The Best Reward". We'll spend a lot of time on the faith of Moses, who made that choice. Join us to keep your eye on the eternal prize!