Who You Say I Am

Jun 19, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

This weekend is Father's Day (heads up, ladies, if you forgot). For some of you, this day is not something to which you are looking forward. You had a biological father who you either miss because he's no longer on this earth, or because he was never in your life in the first place. For some, you may even have a biological father who caused you great pain, and you're still finding it hard to forgive. No matter who you are, your biological father was a sinful human being who was raised by sinful human beings, which means he had wounds which in turn wounded you. This is true even if your father brings nothing but positive thoughts to your mind! Some of those wounds are deep, and they affect you in ways you can't even always recognize. While your earthly father brought pain even when he loved you, your heavenly Father is without sin. He loves you unconditionally, offers you the chance to be His child, and will never abandon you. This week at Friendship, we'll focus on understanding your identity based on who GOD says you are. We'll look at the Old Testament story of Gideon, who was called "strong" when he was weak, and who turned to his Father when others turned to idols. Join us to discover what God thinks of you and how you too can break free from your idolatry.