The Only Begotten

May 15, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

What's the most cherished thing in your life that you've ever had to give up? The pain and loss were probably excruciating for you. We live in a world that talks the talk of generosity, but largely focuses on keeping what you love the most. Commercials and other advertisements tell you how to keep your money, your freedom, and your romance. Parents inadvertently cripple their children's futures by holding on too tight in an effort to keep them safe and secure. Many would call this wise and loving, but God has a different outlook. His love for us was so great that He gave up the most cherished gift there ever was. This week at Friendship, we'll see how God is revealed through the offering up of "The Only Begotten" Son. We'll also peek at the Old Testament example of Abraham and Isaac, who were willing to give up the promise they cherished most in obedience to the Promiser. When the One who makes the promises is always first in our lives, even that which we most value must be submitted to Him. Join us for this great reminder of His great love!