Triumphant Humility

Apr 10, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

In our fallen world, we are constantly exposed to the struggle for power, praise, and popularity. Celebrities and social media legends will do and say almost anything in order to get followers and "likes". Even politicians all the way up to the presidency now focus more on whatever will get good ratings and help them in the polls than that which has given them strong conviction. Professional athletes are far beyond worrying about making "enough" money; now their goal is to be labeled the highest paid because of the status that comes with it. While we can legitimately point fingers at all of these people, it would benefit us to consider that the church of Jesus Christ, at times, doesn't look much different than what I've described above. Pastors focus on being liked more than being honest and truthful. Leadership councils worry more about money and attendance than spiritual growth. Parishioners leave when they don't get their way. Each of these is in direct contrast with the character and attitude of the Savior we say we follow, One who did His best to avoid popularity and demonstrated humility above worldly power and status. This week at Friendship, we'll learn about how God reveals Himself through "Triumphant Humility", and we'll specifically study the entrance of Jesus on Palm Sunday in the Gospels. Finally, we'll learn how to fight our battles not with the weapons of the world, but with weapons that have DIVINE power. Join us and get motivated in the Lord!