Faith Legacy

Apr 24, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames

Aside from yourself, who is most responsible for the person you are today? Most believers would probably say that Jesus is their answer, but is that really true for you? Jesus sacrificed His life for all of us and His love covers a great multitude of sins, but we can be honest and admit that we mostly still walk in our wounded nature and submitting to our new identity in Christ is a daily choice that we sometimes make and sometimes don't. The reality is that our parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, mentors, and anyone else tasked with training us up are the ones most responsible for who we are today aside from ourselves. Those individuals who God put in our paths left a legacy for us, whether it was positive, negative, or a mixture of the two. Once we are of age, it is our responsibility to consider the legacy left for us and what we want to continue versus what we need to get rid of. In the same way, we must consider the legacy we are leaving for those who will come after us. This week at Friendship, we'll talk about how God reveals Himself through our "Faith Legacy", and we'll examine the Old Testament story of Joseph, who learned obedience and integrity through all that was done to him, then left a faithful legacy for all the people of Israel to follow. Join us and consider how your own faith legacy is being built by trials and perseverance!