Suffering & Perseverance

Apr 3, 2022    Associate Pastor Ben Sorbello

When you hear the words "suffering and perseverance", what comes to mind? Are they comforting thoughts? Joyous thoughts? If you are a follower and disciple of Christ, then you know that suffering and perseverance are part of our journey. We find comfort and joy in our suffering. We may feel like we are prisoners of the physical or mental pain, but maybe we are being tested to see how strong our faith is. Maybe the Father is waiting for us to depend solely on Him and not ourselves. When we pray to the Father through Jesus, could the prison door be opened? Maybe it was never closed. Maybe it was because of OUR CHOICES that we put ourselves in that prison and brought that suffering on ourselves. How do we step through the prison cell doors? How do we persevere and find strength to endure? Join us this weekend and be inspired to experience God's power anew in your life through faith and obedience!