His Ambassadors

Mar 20, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames
Who do you represent in your life? Your family? Your employer? Church? Your hometown? The more important question is, what does that mean to you? How does it impact your thoughts, words, and actions? When we live for ourselves and only think about ourselves, it's easy to imagine that no one else is affected by what we do. Adopting this mindset, which imagines something that is false, leads to a lack of care regarding our conduct. But the body of Christ, which is another name for the collective Church across all nations and eras, is held to a different standard. Jesus tells us we must acknowledge Him before others if we want Him to acknowledge us before the Father. Paul tells us we were bought with a price. He also declares that we are Christ's ambassadors, the very ones through whom God has chosen to reveal Himself. This week at Friendship, we will look more into what it means to be "His Ambassadors" and how that should impact our choices and actions. Even if you've been living for you, it's important to hear this message to be reminded that we have work to do so others can see Christ in you!