The Incarnation

Mar 6, 2022    Pastor Logan Ames
Several pastors, including the two for this congregation, get together once a month at a restaurant for food, prayer, and fellowship. One reason why we like the specific restaurant we have chosen is because of the staff members who always come around to the tables to ask if we need anything. We've even gotten free additional sides out of it a couple times. We are treated like they care about us, and we've taken an interest in their lives and even prayed for them on the spot. Compare that to a local fast food place I visited about 6 months ago. This restaurant worker handed me a drink with a lid not completely on and soda all over the outside of it. When I told her about it to try to get a less sticky cup, she said, "Well, just use a napkin to clean it up and put the lid on there"! I haven't been back since. We all know that people have difficult days and I wouldn't judge someone based on one brief experience, but the reality is that we are much more likely to go where we feel respected and like they actually care about the customer. When it comes to our faith, understand that we don't serve a God who remains far away during times of trouble and tells us to figure it out ourselves. Instead, He chose to come to our world and acquaint Himself with our suffering and pain, all so He could pay a debt we owed but could never reconcile. This week at Friendship, we explore how God reveals Himself to us through "The Incarnation", which is God becoming flesh in the person of Jesus. He got on our level and came into our mess so that He could save us. No greater love could ever be shown to us. Join us for this important message and consider how you might shine His light!