Suffering Servant, Exalted King

Apr 9, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

Stories of success and glory are always made even better when we get to hear about the suffering and setbacks that were endured to get to that point. Michael Jordan was put on the junior varsity basketball team in high school because his coach said he needed to develop more. Albert Einstein couldn't speak fluently until the age of nine and was later expelled from school. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple early in his career. Walt Disney was fired from a Missouri newspaper because he "wasn't creative enough". The reward that each of these individuals experienced was even sweeter considering what they endured. This weekend at Friendship, we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. But it's important that we first consider His suffering. The title of this week's message is "Suffering Servant, Exalted King", because the exalting is always preceded by some form of suffering. Jesus suffered more than any of us, and then He was exalted higher than any of us. He is our example, our light, and our hope. Because He endured it all and overcame the devil's attempts to thwart God's will for Him, you and I can also endure whatever comes our way. And we trust that God will lift us up according to His timing. Join us for this uplifting message that will motivate you to press on no matter your circumstances!