The Voice of God

Feb 26, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

What does God sound like? Have you ever heard His voice? Sure, we can all imagine what He might sound like because of what we've heard in television or movie depictions of Him, but since when can the created perfectly describe their Creator? The best we can do is guess based on what we know about Him in Scripture. The thing to remember is that God doesn't sound the same to everyone, and He doesn't sound the same in every circumstance. God knows us better than we know ourselves and He always knows what we need. Sometimes, it may be a voice that thunders over us to remind us to fear Him and strive for holiness. Other times, it may be a still small voice that reassures and encourages us. This week at Friendship, we'll be talking about "The Voice of God" and so many of the assumptions or expectations we have that get in our way of truly hearing His voice, How easily do we miss what He is saying to us? Ultimately, He not only wants to speak TO us, but THROUGH us as well. So we will also cover what it means to use our voices to speak His truth. Join us to learn more about His voice and how to apply what He speaks into us!