The Mind of God

Mar 12, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

Do you ever feel like someone is speaking a completely different language even though you know the words are in English? This happens when they have great insight and knowledge on a particular subject and your capacity to understand is nowhere close to theirs. For me, it happens with computers and other forms of technology. We have some very knowledgeable people at Friendship who, when they try to explain to me how they see our technological landscape and opportunities, might as well be speaking Russian. I know and trust that they are right, but I can't see it how they see it. For you, that might be the case with sports, music, cars, or maps. When someone tries to explain March Madness, the genius of Mozart, how to change a catalytic converter, or the most direct route from one point to another, you just assume they know what they're talking about. So, why is it that we don't do this with God? Why don't we trust that He knows what is best, especially because explaining it to us would be like speaking a different language to our finite minds? This week at Friendship, we'll talk about "The Mind of God", which Scripture is clear is FAR beyond our minds. He sees and understands things from a level that we can never get to. Knowing this, we ought to believe that what He says is best, especially on things like forgiveness, sin, and the future. Join us as we encourage trust and obedience of our omniscient and infinite Creator!