The Grief of God

Apr 1, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

Have you ever found yourself grieving something that everyone else seems to be celebrating? Maybe you were a teenager who went through a horrible breakup and you were devastated, even though your parents and everyone else said it was a good thing. Or maybe you possess a specific skill that upgrades in business and technology have rendered somewhat obsolete. Everyone cheers what is new, but it likely means a mandatory career change for you. In these situations, the grief you feel from the loss is multiplied by the fact that no one else seems to know, or care, how you feel. This has to be how the God who desperately wants a close relationship with us feels when we are celebrating that which He grieves. How many churches in western civilization are happy, healthy, and rich, but they are celebrating things that make the Lord weep? This week at Friendship, we'll talk about "The Grief of God" and discuss some of the events surrounding the original Palm Sunday. As crowds cheered for Him, Jesus looked upon Jerusalem and wept over their rejection of Him and the coming destruction. Understanding the Lord's heart and what grieves Him will help us understand our own grief, and how we must grieve with hope in His victory over sin and death. As grief affects every human being, we don't want you to miss this message.