The Long Nose of God

Mar 5, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

When I was a child, I learned about the character Pinocchio, who had a nose that would grow anytime he told a lie. Maybe there was even a little bit of fear that it could actually happen to us, something adults put into our minds to deter us from speaking falsehood. The idea of a long nose has become so synonymous with a lying fictional character that I was shocked when I learned that the God we worship is said to have a long nose. Certainly, our God always speaks truth and never lies, so what else could it mean? There is a specific attribute of God's character and nature that would have been originally understood with reference to His "nose", and it invites us to pursue righteousness knowing that His grace and mercy is available to those who seek Him sincerely. This week at Friendship, we will reveal the holy attribute behind "The Long Nose of God", then we will spend time talking about the importance of acknowledging this while seeking Him in prayer, and finally we will discuss how this part of His nature is revealed in and through us. We are made in His image, and reflecting God's long nose towards the undeserving is a requirement for His followers. Don't miss this one!