The Face of God

Jan 15, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

What do you yearn for most deeply in your heart? In my years of ministry, I've talked to people with a variety of different answers to that question. Some just want to grow old with their spouses, others are desperate for children of their own, still more are looking for financial peace and security. Almost everyone has something which, if they are granted it, is believed to be the missing link to their joy and happiness. What's crazy is that almost no one, even in the Church, answers that question with wanting to know our God more and more. And yet, if you don't truly know Him, what difference can any of those other things make? This week at Friendship, we'll talk about seeking "The Face of God" and how that impacts our lives and the lives of those around us as they see us. We'll also look at the wonderful example of Moses who, after receiving the promise of a great land that Israel would call its own, declared that none of it mattered if the Lord's presence would not be with him. He showed us how to seek God's face and His glory, doing so with boldness but also humility. Join us for this powerful reminder and encouragement for you and your family!