The Jealousy of God

Mar 26, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

When we think of the word "jealousy", there probably aren't too many positive thoughts that come to mind. Chances are that you've either been entrenched in a vicious battle with this emotion in your own heart, or you've been a victim of someone else's battle with it. Like with anger, feelings of jealousy can dominate the human heart and drive us to cause immense pain for the ones we love. But what if I told you that jealousy, by itself, is not a bad thing? As a matter of fact, it's one of the best things. It has to be, because Scripture says that God is jealous, and that in fact His NAME is Jealous. If we think only in terms of the horrible way some humans have responded to the feeling of jealousy, it's hard to separate that from the pure, raw emotion that exists even within our Father. But if God can be provoked to anger and jealousy and still be without sin, then we must consider what's good about it, so we can see God's original design for these emotions He gave us, so we can then repent of our sin. So, this week at Friendship, we will indeed dig into this complex topic of "The Jealousy of God" and consider how He feels when His people turn aside to idols. If there is no jealousy in God, can there be true love in Him? We'll answer that question and much more. Consider joining us and opening your eyes to Biblical truth you may not have considered to this point.