God's Heart for Life

Jan 22, 2023    Pastor Logan Ames

"Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance" - Plato

The right to life is something about which everyone reading this likely has a strong opinion that is based on what you've heard, learned, and experienced. Opinions are fine, but there is a point for all believers at which your opinions must be surrendered to God's word. It matters not how deeply your convictions are held, for each of us must consider the LORD'S convictions and adhere to them. We are the Church founded on the confession that HE is Savior and Lord, so how can we deny His word in favor of our feelings? This is just as true regarding the right to life as any other issue where we may find ourselves in conflict with His holy word. We must open our hearts to what He says, humbly and willingly receive it, and then reflect and respond to it with action. This week at Friendship, we highly the sanctity of human life by considering "God's Heart for Life". We'll consider what it means to be part of His church, and what is required of us beyond just forming an opinion. Join us to hear about God's heart, as well as local opportunities to stand with others for the right to life, which may involve both sacrifice and blessing beyond what you can imagine.